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Hey, Sandra,
I love the game of golf as well, but we didn't eat or drink nearly as well at our house! The nachos look fabulous (great photo) and I can't wait to drink a Michelada with you in Portland next week.

PG Hueger

I heard you on WCHL this past weekend. What great ideas you shared. When somebody asked you where you get the canela you use, you responded that it could be found in any tienda in the triangle--or something similar. I have been hunting Mexican vanilla in the Chapel Hill Carrboro area and have had no luck--the stores I have contacted or visited do not carry vanill. Do you have any suggestions other than going on line?


Hi Patricia,
Thanks so much for your question. I heard that there is a Penzey's spice store opening in Cameron Village (Raleigh) this month. I would check that store out. They sell all sorts of neat spices (on line) but having a brick and mortar store in the Triangle is very exciting. Maybe they carry Mexican vanilla! Best of luck! Let me know if you find it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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